The Ortus Club Dinner

It was a pleasure joining Senior IT executives from different industries for “The Ortus Club – Executive Knowledge Sharing Session” in Mumbai for discussion on Digital transformation. The discussion was a continuation of recently hosted session in Hong Kong, Delhi and Bangalore.

The session captured views on digital transformation maturity levels around experience, intelligence & velocity in the journey over good food & dinner. It was very well moderated by Venugopal Arcot and Nathalie Tousignant.

Group PicIt was attended by  Utpal Chakraborty, Ashish Parampurath, Deepak Anand, Ekta Ghosh, Mayuresh Purandare, Neeraj Sahgal, Nirav Shah, Rajendra Mhalsekar, Rakesh Bandlamudi, Ravi Kumar, Rituja Singh, Udayraj Prabhu, Aashish Kshetry, Harishankar Maurya, Sandeep Sawant and Gulshan NARULA.

As I understand from ServiceNow team, the views were quite contrasting compared to what was shared in Delhi. In Delhi, it was more of AI & ML, whereas in Mumbai, overall key driver & objective for Digital transformation journey was Customer Experience.

It was really an interesting experience to learn from the different leaders.

Biren Parekh