Innovation Jam

CRISIL Limited is a leading, agile and innovative global analytics company driven by its mission to make markets function better.

CRISIL Limited provides an excellent opportunity for all CRISIL employees to contribute ideas and became part of the strategic planning process and shape the future of the company. It stems from a desire to encourage co-creation, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking. It provides an excellent platform for CRISIL-ites to showcase their ideas.

I am glad to share that they have selected my idea as one of the top 4 ideas for execution with the required funding. Thanks to the CRISIL management team for the recognition and prize. Looking forward to developing MVP in the coming days..

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Preparing for PMI ACP Exam

In the last week of April 2020, I appeared for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI) exam and cleared it.

While I started serious preparations around 6 weeks before i.e. in March 2020, I think it requires 8 to 10 weeks preparation. 

It all started with classroom training in July 2019. However post that I didn’t get time to do much preparation due to my busy schedule.

Initially, I had taken up Louise Philip’s ‘PMI-ACP Exam Prep for PMBOK6’ course on Udemy. It gives a good overview of ACP. There are short tests at the end of each chapter which you can take at your convenience and can even pause it in between. There are also two full mock tests at the end of the course. This test really gives you an idea about how much you have understood and how you will fare in the exams. Ideally after 2-3 attempts, you should get 80-90% correct answers.

In parallel, I was also reading Mike Griffiths ‘PMI-ACP Exam Prep’ book – Second edition. You need to read this book twice. There are practice questions and answers at the end of each chapter, which gives you good idea about kind of question that will appear in the exam. In the first read, you will get around 60% correct answers. However in your second read, you should get 80-90% correct answers for the exercises given at the end of the chapter. There are two practice tests on this books’ publishers’ web-site – Two mini-tests of 60 questions each help you to prepare for final exams. Ideally, I suggest you should take this a week or two weeks before you have scheduled your exam.

There is also the PMI-ACP workbook by Mike Griffiths which is also quite helpful. This contains 50 chapters for domain subjects in a summarized form with few questions at the end of it. This can also be a good reference in the last two weeks. Both these books authored by Mike are written in a very lucid style and one should have no issues completing them over a weekend.

As I understand from friends, the test simulator on the same publisher’s website i.e. is also good. One can subscribe for mock tests  acouple of weeks before appearing for the final exams. However, to be honest I didn’t take the same.

I had also borrowed couple of books from PMI library for preparation.

The first one was Head first Agile from the O’Reily publication. It has a very different style of teaching. There are a couple of mock tests (difficult ones) at the end of it which also helps you.

And the second book is PMI ACP exam prep book by Andy Crowe. Again, it has a totally different style of teaching. This book also contains two mock tests which helped for final exam preparation.

On the previous day, I also took some free mock tests on izendesk web-site which I found very useful. These all mock tests can be used in the last 2 weeks to gain confidence. It is my recommendation that one should have scored 80% up before taking the final exams.

I had taken the proctored based exam. Since I was taking it for the first time, I was a bit tense. However after a while I got settled. Please ensure you login at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time and you have good internet speed.

Initially, the first half of the exam was very tough for me. The second part was comparatively easy.

Hope this helps you in your preparation for PMI-ACP exam.

Good luck to all aspirants reading this article. Please post a comment if you need further information.

Biren Parekh