7 Key concepts of Health Insurance 

Health Insurance

Recently, one of my close friend’s mother had cardiac arrest and she had to be immediately admitted in nearby star hospital. At the time of admission, hospital asked to deposit huge amount even before admitting her. My friend was not in that position to deposit that amount. That’s when he called me & asked for some monetary help. Needless to say that I helped him. But, later after her mother was operated & discharged, I asked him one day as don’t you have health insurance for you & your parents? That’s when I learnt that he had landed in soup by buying health insurance policy, which didn’t helped him in the need of the hour. Read More…

Can you Run?

The obvious answer is yes. But the follow up question to ask yourself is – how much? I asked the same question to myself a couple of years back and I didn’t realize that I had strength to run forty two kilometers at a stretch. Sounds impossible, Isn’t it??? Yeah, it looked to me as well at one point of time.

So, how do you think this is possible? Read my story. Read More…

Biren Parekh