Health benefits of Gluten-Free diet

Have you heard of a gluten-free diet? It is slowly becoming the latest trend in the food industry. Basically gluten is a special protein found in grains like wheat, barley and cereals.  Many people can’t digest gluten rich food. Such food causes allergy, making their small intestines inflammatory.  It is known as a Celiac disease. These people go for a gluten-free diet to control their allergies. Today more and more people are getting diagnosed with it. They are adapting to this diet which consists of rice and millet in place of wheat and barley. 
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Speciality Insurance

What is Specialty Insurance?

Whether you want to insure your beautiful smile, insure your wedding, mega concert you are organizing or prized cruise you own, there is an insurance product for you. This type of insurance policy goes beyond the usual products as it covers far more difficult & unusual risks. Particularly, specialty insurance covers exclusive, expensive or rare events. Individuals, companies or businesses buy specialty insurance to provide cover against financial risks & loss. Read More…

This day in Science & Technology History

The first US patent for a telescope design was issued to Alvan Clark of Cambridge in 1851. Clark was a painter but interested in astronomy like others. As a hobby, he manufactured small lenses and mirrors. Due to his expertise to detect the small residual errors in best lenses, he gained a reputation in Europe & then the American orders started to come in. His company – The Alvin Clark Company became one of the foremost producers of some of the largest lenses for telescopes in the 1800’s. Read More…

Vegan Diet

What is Vegan diet?

We all are aware of vegetarian and non vegetarian diet.  Non vegetarians have meat, beef, fish and eggs while vegetarians eat vegetables and milk products. But there is another kind of diet called ‘Vegan’ which leaves out not only meat but also dairy products. Vegetarian food excludes meat but they still take dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and curd. The people who follow Vegan diet remove animal food forever from their diet. And not only that, some of them even don’t use any animal products such as honey, silk or leather. Today people are becoming more aware about how they are harming animals. That’s why some people follow it for ethical reasons due to their love and concern for animals. This type of diet usually consists of healthy foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and soya products. Read More…

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is a new technological term of the movement called the “Internet of Things”. Simply said, it’s interconnection of tech gadgets & devices to internet with unique identifiers. And such devices have ability to transfer data over a network which includes smart phones, cars, home automation devices, computers, tablets, micro-electromechanical systems, electrical devices to anything which is in binary state. To certain extent, this is already implemented by some of rich & luxury-seeking millionaires. This was bound to happen, considering the increasing speed & decreasing cost of internet.

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Biren Parekh