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(last updated on 26th August 2021)

Often, many people approach me, asking for job openings. Sometimes, I can connect them to the right opportunity on the spot and have been successful in helping them get the job, while for others, I don’t have any relevant immediate job openings. And when later I come across some job openings, those job-seekers names are lost due to the social interaction and information over-dose.

Also, often the job openings in WhatsApp groups and LinkedIn posts get lost in the flurry of messages before it reaches the right candidates.

I felt bad that on one side, there are so many people looking for jobs and on another side, several organizations (including mine) are struggling to get the right candidates.

So, just to help job seekers, I have decided to publish job openings known to me on my personal website. I will ensure to update it as frequently as possible and will not contain outdated jobs, as with several job portals.

Pls, like and share this in your network.

Employers, can PM me to list the openings.

Any feedback and help are welcome.

Following openings are available for Healthtech statup in Mumbai


1 – Head of Product or Chief Product Officer (10 years experience)

2  Marketing Head (10-15 years experience)

3. EVP – Operation and strategy (10-15 years experience)

4. Program Manager (3-5 years)

5. Business Lead Manager / Head (10 years’ experience)


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1 Siebel Developer on an urgent basis via GBAMS.

5 to 8 years of overall development experience 

– Strong development experience on Oracle Siebel CRM

– Siebel integration and workflow experience (2-3 yrs)

– Very good knowledge on Siebel CRM including Scripting , workflows , EAI and Order Management.

– Telecom domain experience is preferred

SW developer, JAVA technology.

1)      Java Frontend Technologies:


–          JSP

–          Java Script

–          Angular JS

–          CSS

–          JQuery

–          React [Advanced JavaScript framework] 

2)      Service Layer Technologies:


–          REST Web Services

–          SOAP Web Services

–          Spring scalable RESTful Web Service

–          Spring Boot

–          Micro services

–          JMS

–          EJB


3)      Database Layer Technologies:


–          JDBC (Java database connectivity)

–          Hibernate

–          Spring Data

–          JPA

Value Added[Good to have]

–          MyBatis

–          JOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying)

–          TopLink

–          RDBM to Aerospike

4)      Java Web Frameworks Knowledge:


–          Spring

–          Struts

Value Added[Good to have]

–          MyBatis

–          JOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying) 

5)      Database Knowledge:


–          Oracle

–          Mango DB[NoSQL Databases]


6)      Markup languages Knowledge:


–          XML

–          JSON

  1. Developer for Sales force as below brief:

Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of hands-on development experience on the following

  • Salesforce development framework
    • Design/Architecture of Salesforce ecosystem
    • Salesforce managed package and applications
    • Developing web services/applications that integrate with a salesforce API framework


EPC Code Lead








Senior Developer (gNB simulator)




5 G Core Engineer








gNB L1 Senior Developer






gNB L2 Senior Developer






gNB L3 Senior Developer






NFV Deployment







Open stack Deployment






RAN Virtualization Expert








SA Virtualization Expert














System Integration Tester








Solution Architect








Solution Architect Core








Solution Architect Transport







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