Commercial Excellence Award

In August 2018, I got the award in my company – Intellect Design Arena for one project in my portfolio. The project was about the upgrade in the Tier-1 prestigious bank. Since this was the first upgrade project of its kind, the expectation was that once it goes live, it will have some critical & serious issues. However, it was so smooth that some competitor banks were wondering whether upgrade really took place !!!

Yes, that was a reason behind getting the award. It was Commercial Excellence award for 2018. It set the tone for what to expect from me in future & also set high benchmark in the company. Thanks to the project team who made it possible. 

High Productivity Practices


📢 This is one of the most exciting moments of my life, as I share my productivity tips and tricks in Dr. Ravindran KA‘s second book 📖 ‘High Productivity Practices -From Successful Leaders’, along with twenty eminent and successful senior leaders from diverse domains, countries, industries, and cultures.


This management book truly unravels the secrets 💡of top leaders’ success and ways to transform oneself into a more PRODUCTIVE person. This book is not just a theoretical paperback but offers practical life advice from successful people about how they became more prolific in their lives.  It is for everyone who craves to move from ordinary productivity standard to extraordinary.



Congratulations 👏 Dr. Ravindran KA on the release of this fantastic 📘book, which has become the #1 bestseller in just a week’s time. This is a great honor for the author Dr Ravindran KA and as one of the leaders featuring in the book. Heartfelt gratitude and tons of good luck to you. 🙏


I am what I am because of God’s blessings and support from my family, friends, colleagues, managers, and loved ones. Thank you all for always being there.


You can purchase the book and share your valuable reviews. The book is available on Amazon (, Flipkart, and other platforms.


Konark 2018

I was having dinner in a restaurant in Singapore when my boss, Balaji, called me telling that I had been awarded the KONARK for this year. I was literally in awe on hearing the overwhelming news. Immediately I checked my mails and found that yes, there was message from Govind Singhal with subject line that “Congratulations! You are now a Konark!” It further read as below.

Congratulations!  We are pleased to announce that you have been raised to the status of KONARK in the Organization.  This has been done past your nomination and further evaluation by the central Jury.  This by no means is a simple thing! Read More…

Biren Parekh