A “Green” Mystery

Recently, we were passing by a plant Nursery & my wife asked me to stop and purchase some indoor plants. Since I also love the same, we stopped by & my wife purchased a few indoor plants. Few of them caught my attention & I decided to buy those which looked bit fancy. I asked the nursery owner if they could be grown indoors without direct sunlight. He said yes. That is where we bought our mystery plant! Read More…

Eco-friendly Plastic Bottles

You must be surprised by blog title.

As we daily read in a newspaper that PET bottle is not only a major source of pollution but the face of pollution & found in abundance at the bottom of the ocean. Coco cola alone sells over 110 billion PET bottles every year. So, you can imagine the number of bottles being consumed annually worldwide. So, why don’t we use environment-friendly glass bottles instead of PET bottles?
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Biren Parekh