Colgate Ad

In one of WhatsApp groups, I read the message that an actor was required in the age group of 40-50years. Since I am partly bald, I thought why not to call the given number. So, I called the given number and they asked me if I could quickly send some pictures and a profile video. Without waiting, I dropped some of my images and shot a video using my mobile.

Hurray!!! I was told that this is for a Colgate ad being shot by Equinox Films. I was asked to come for the costume trial on 2nd March. I was wondering whether I will be selected or not.  So, I asked the person again and I got an affirmative response. I was shocked on hearing this.

I got a call from the costume team and I was asked to bring certain clothes. I happily carried some with me. And they selected some from the clothes I was carrying. Then we were taken to the director, who briefed us about the role play. It was quite exciting to know all this.

I was picked up the next day i.e. 3rd March, Sunday morning along with the other actors who were to participate. The set was located at the Forbes building in Kala Ghoda. Although I was shooting for an ad for the first time, they treated me nicely.

We were told that the shooting is going to take place in two languages-Hindi and Tamil. The different scenes and retakes kept on going the whole day. The director, Sandeep Modi was amazing and the way he kept directing the shoot was praise-worthy.

After a long wait, the advertisement finally got released in first week of May. It was a proud moment for me and for my family. Although I only appeared for a second or so, it felt great to see myself on TV. Hopefully, the ad appearing in the cinemas will be slightly longer and I will have some more screen time.

​I am looking forward for an alternate career.

Biren Parekh