Are Digital Gadgets disrupting your sleep???

Recently, survey had finding that 9 out of ten young adults using gadgets may not get enough sleep as a result of light from using their smartphones and tablets before calling it a night. As you might be aware, phone & tablet screens emit short wavelength blue light, which interferes with the production of melatonin, a hormone needed to control sleep patterns.  Due to this, lots of people are unable to get sound sleep at night.
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Are mobile Banking Apps Safe?


When Internet banking was launched by some private banks few years back i.e. around 2005, customers were apprehensive of using it. In year 2013, several private banks launched their mobile banking apps. At this point also, customers were merely wondering what mobile banking was and whether these kinds of applications were safe to use.

However, over the years, these applications have made our lives easy and banking customers have become quite comfortable with new technologies. They are using internet banking for balance inquiries as well as other things like funds transfer, credit card payment, utility bills payment and even equity trading. The Complex encryption software makes sure to protect your valuable information. However, every system has its flaw.  Your account is at the risk of being attacked by hackers, phishing, malware and illegal activities. Read More…

Calculating insurance requirement

Recently, my colleague asked me how much insurance cover was good enough for him and his family. His agent was recommending exorbitant insurance cover to him and he was worried that whether that recommendation was correct or not. That’s when I thought that there should be a kind of scientific method to arrive at the required insurance cover for an individual. And this is what I found.
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Connected cars

Connected Cars & Car Dashboard

Recently, one article about car dashboard caught my attention. I read full article. I was amused to know that car dashboard will be one of the major digital platform revenue drivers for car & communication companies and the revenues from connected car services are expected to touch around $152 billion in next 5 years i.e. by 2020.When I read the number of $152 billion, I was really taken aback by surprise! What I discovered was that the primary business of car dashboard will come from connected cars.
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Decoded – Insurance Deductible

What is Insurance Deductible?

Basically, a deductible is the amount deducted from insurance claims by insurance company and it represents a risk between insurance company and policy holder. A deductible can be fixed amount or it can be percentage of insurance amount of a policy. Broadly speaking, the higher the deductible amount, the lower will be your insurance premium. The details about deductible amount can be found in declarations page of insurance policies. Read More…

History of insurance

I was talking to my insurance agent for renewing my car insurance. This is when my 10 year old kid asked, “Dad, what is insurance and why do we need it?” After my call, I explained to him that this is to cover risk in case, any unforeseen event occurs. Again, my kiddo asked out of curiosity as usual that who started it? This is when I started scratching my almost bald head. I immediately googled it & learned how it started & why it started and explained to my son. What I learned was bit surprising for me as well. Read More…

Liquidity Management

What is Liquidity Management?

I used to stay in a hostel when I did my engineering. My home was not very far, (just 220 km) and I used to go home on alternate weekends or once a month. Whenever I went home, my father always gave me money for pocket-expenses. At that point of time, I never understood how my dad ensured this continual flow of cash whenever required. However, once I started earning & looked back, I discovered how difficult it was to ensure constant money flow when it is most required, like over the weekend or in the first week of month. Professionally, when I started working in the Liquidity management domain, I thoroughly understood the nuances of it and started appreciating the liquidity management of my father and its need in the corporate world.
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Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?
The term, Net Neutrality, was originally used by Tim Wu (Columbia university professor) in 2003. It is the principle that telecom companies, Internet service providers & government should not differentiate on data access on the internet. Internet was configured to only provide a connection between two devices without favoring any particular technology, industry or service provider. This is the essence of neutrality of the internet. For example, a service provider should not provide greater access speed to a website on the basis of higher payment from that website. Read More…

TOP 5 android racing games

My favorite 5 Android racing games:

Let me confess I never used to be a big racing game fan. But it all changed once my son started playing those exhilarating racing games on my mobile. Out of my curiosity, I tried to play once and whoa! I was hooked forever.  Today gaming has become an integral part of Smartphone and Tablet industry. With around million of games to choose from, it’s really difficult to decide where to put your hard earned money and precious time. However, if you are like me who loves speed games, I have rundown a small list of my 5 most loved racing games on Android below. Some of them are trending while some are less discovered. Hope you will enjoy them. Don’t forget to tell me which games you play most in the ‘Comments’ section below. Read More…
Biren Parekh